About Pure Natural Organic Skincare

Pure Natural Organic Skincare is committed to providing the most honest, natural products possible.

Located in Enderby, BC, we source the raw ingredients used in our products as locally as possible. When the raw ingredients are not possible to source locally, we make sure that they are tended to the way we would have dealt with them ourselves.

We source raw ingredients from suppliers that care about fair trade and environmental responsibility as much as we do, and who are committed to carrying products from a certified sustainable source.

All of our products are hand-crafted in small batches and each batch is tested for quality before it is sold.

Each formulation has been created using only as many ingredients as is required to make them fabulous. All of the oils used in our formulations are active oils. We do not add any filler ingredients to cut the potency or artificially increase the volume of the final product.

We are committed to producing the highest quality products possible and we appreciate your support of our endeavours.



About the owner                                 

My personal journey with healthy living began in the spring of 2002 with an innocently purchased container of organic strawberries. I had wondered what all the fuss was about and had paid the extra money for organic strawberries, thinking that I would be able to disprove the idea that it was worth even a penny more than conventionally grown. In short – I was very wrong. That small container of organic strawberries blew my taste buds away and took me back in time to the strawberries that I helped my mom to pick in her garden when I was a kid. Strawberries that tasted like sunshine!!

After researching into why those strawberries could possibly taste so much better, I was astonished to discover that conventionally grown berries are picked before they are ripe, ripened during transport and are sprayed with a chemical to make them smell like strawberries!

Thus began much more research and many more organic purchases.

The progression from organic food to organic beauty products began when I discovered that you readily absorb everything you put on your skin . The realization that I was ingesting hundreds of chemicals through my skin that I would never consider eating in my food was a dramatic turning point. However, through the following years of purchases, I found that many of the natural products on the market simply weren’t doing for me what they promised they would do.

Specifically, natural deodorants that were not doing anything to deal with the fact that I have always been a heavier-than-normal sweater with a pungent aroma to boot. I was getting increasingly frustrated and finally decided to do what I always do and began some research. I discovered what natural ingredients actually absorb moisture and odour and what ingredients kill the bacteria that cause the offensive smells. After the research I began formulating, testing, and reformulating until I came up with a product that finally worked! And it worked well! I gave it to friends and family and all came back with high praise for its success.

Buoyed by my victory with the deodorant, I began making formulations for other products that I wasn’t currently satisfied with. Thus began the journey of Pure Natural Organic Skincare.

The journey continues and I am so happy to be sharing it with you.